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Balance Board WorkoutBeginner MFR Stretching DVDCore Activation Videos

Each short video takes participants through a simple routine using the balance board with good form, enhanced self awareness, and breathing techniques. First participants attain standing balance, then pelvic stability, followed by attaining...

Jocelyn guides you through 10 stretches using a rolled up towel while encouraging diaphragmatic breathing, visualization, and thought provoking questions linking the physical to the psychological.

Each video will take participants through a simple routine of 5 exercises they can complete throughout the day in standing, sitting, laying down, and moving. It is for the beginner so there will be no exercises on all fours or getting up and down...




MFR Self-Treatment workbookThe Inner Guide to Stretching Vol. One and Two4" releaser ball

What is myofascial release and how do you set up a personalized self-treatmenmt program? This workbook will tell you all of this along with 57 pages of beginner to advanced stretches following the myofascial release treatment principles. This is...

Find the cause of your pain or illness in over 130 stretches, 2 guided meditations, and 3 hours of instruction. Includes a check list of all the stretches.

The soft 4" releaser ball is great to soften your fascial restrictions.




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